Brazil: Amazonia on the Rio Roosevelt: Mar 25—Apr 04, 2017

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Departs: Porto Velho
Tour Limit: 8
Operations Manager: Erik Lindqvist
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Andrew Whittaker

Andrew Whittaker was born in England but considers himself to be Brazilian, having moved to ...

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Crimson-bellied Parakeet

Crimson-bellied Parakeet— Photo: Andrew Whittaker

A single-site trip to a pristine Amazonian wilderness destination (reached by charter flight only), with breathtaking rainforest scenery, excellent forest trails, and a great canopy tower; species-rich, with many endemics and featuring six newly discovered birds described in 2013 and two still awaiting description; exceptional for primates; all in air-conditioned comfort with spectacular cuisine!

In 1914, ex-president Theodore Roosevelt teamed with the famous Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon on a historic expedition to map the course of one of the Amazon’s unknown rivers, the Rio da Dúvida (River of Doubt). The expedition yielded discoveries of countless new species of birds and animals, while pushing the collective endurance, courage, and will of its participants to the breaking point. Fast-forward to the present, where the Rio Roosevelt (renamed in honor of Theodore himself) is still an unspoiled Amazonian wilderness—as wild, rugged, and beautiful a destination as when Roosevelt first laid eyes on it, but with one huge difference. One of the finest Amazonian wilderness lodges offers us the unique opportunity to visit and explore this exciting destination in great style. The lodge offers private chalets with air-conditioning, hot water, and a refrigerator; 24-hour electricity; communication via radio/telephone; and a wonderful panoramic air-conditioned restaurant (overlooking the Roosevelt) that serves exciting Brazilian food, including a fabulous variety of freshly caught and imaginatively prepared Amazonian fish dishes, exotic fruits, and desserts to die for. The lodge is situated on the banks of the spectacular Rio Roosevelt within the Rio Aripuana and Rio Ji-Parana drainage, within an immense forest reserve and a mega hotspot for recent new discoveries.

VENT and your leader, Andrew Whittaker, are proud to have pioneered the first birding groups here and in 2008 published the first ever bird list of nearly 500 species! The complete lack of hunting in the area means that the fauna of larger birds, primates, and other mammals is still intact, allowing us the rare opportunity to experience Amazonia at its best. During our last tour, Andrew rediscovered the White-tailed Tityra and saw all of the six new species before they were formally described, had close encounters with groups of Dark-winged Trumpeters or Razor-billed Curassows, saw both Harpy and Crested eagles, and observed 11 species of primates, some also recently described to science. Other past trip highlights have included Crimson Fruitcrows, the nearly mythical Pale-faced Antbird, and a Puma. And each of our five visits to the area has yielded the recently rediscovered Buff-cheeked Tody-Flycatcher. Clearly, more opportunities for exciting new discoveries in this region await.

Relaxed afternoon boating excursion on the Rio Roosevelt

Afternoon boating excursion on the Rio Roosevelt— Photo: Andrew Whittaker


We will explore this Amazonian wilderness both on foot and by boat, and our efforts could yield the newly described Cryptic Forest-Falcon (described by your leader); Manicore Warbling-Antbird; Aripuana Antwren; Roosevelt Stipple-throated Antwren; Alta Floresta Antpitta; Chico’s Tyrannulet (all recently described); Zigzag and Agami herons; Chestnut-fronted, Scarlet, and Red-and-green macaws; the poorly known Kawall’s Parrot; the spectacular Crimson-bellied Parakeet; Gould’s Toucanet; Red-necked Aracari; Green-and-rufous Kingfisher; Pavonine Quetzal; Blue-cheeked and Paradise jacamars; Black-girdled Barbet; Rufous-necked and Collared puffbirds; Snow-capped and Flame-crested manakins; Rondonia Scythebill; Para Foliage-gleaner; Rufous-tailed Xenops; Hoffman’s Woodcreeper; Pearly and Bamboo antshrikes; Pale-faced and White-breasted antbirds; Black-bellied and Chestnut-belted gnateaters; Black-necked Red-Cotinga; Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak; and Rose-breasted Chat.

 Excellent accommodations with great food, especially freshly caught fish; easy terrain; full mornings hiking on forest trails or birding a canopy tower, followed by midday breaks and relaxing afternoon boat trips; charter flight from Porto Velho, remainder of trip at single site; warm, humid climate.