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Tours in Alaska

Grand Alaska: Pribilofs & Anchorage Pre-Trip

Grand Alaska: Nome & Gambell

Grand Alaska Part I: Nome & Barrow

Grand Alaska: Nome Pre-Trip

Grand Alaska Part II: Anchorage, Denali & Kenai Peninsula

Tours in Arizona

Winter Southern Arizona

Spring Grand Arizona

Camp Chiricahua

Avian Jewels of Arizona

Tours in Birding Across America by Train

Birding Across America by Train

Tours in California

Grand California

Winter Southern California

Tours in Colorado

Colorado Grouse

Tours in Florida

South Florida & The Keys

Dry Tortugas

Tours in Hawaii

Fall Hawaii

Spring Hawaii

Tours in Idaho

Summer Idaho: Cassia Crossbill & Much More!

Tours in Minnesota & North Dakota

Northern Minnesota Winter Weekend

Tours in Missouri & Arkansas

Missouri & Arkansas: The Ozarks & Tallgrass Prairies

Tours in Montana

Yellowstone in Early Spring

Montana Owl Workshop

Tours in New Jersey

Cape May: The Magic of Fall Migration

Spring in Cape May

Tours in New Mexico

Winter New Mexico

Tours in Ohio

Midwest Warblers

Tours in Texas

Texas: Rio Grande Valley

Spring in South Texas

Spring in South Texas: Hill Country Extension

High Island Migration

Bolivar Beach House

Big Bend National Park & the Texas Hill Country

Rockport, Texas: A Bonanza of Wintering Birds

Rio Grande Valley: Birds & Butterflies

Tours in Washington

Camp Cascades

Washington: September Migration in the Pacific Northwest

Spring in the Washington Cascades

Endowed with remarkable natural beauty and biodiversity, the United States is a country of bountiful destinations providing high quality birding and wildlife viewing. Within its borders lies as marvelous a collection of landscapes and ecosystems as exists in any other part of the world. From the shores of the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast, the country sweeps north and south, east and west over a vast area totaling 3.5 million square miles.

VENT has operated tours to all corners of our home country for more than 25 years. Our tours visit the most important birding and natural history areas and are led by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced tour leaders in the business. Whether your interest lies purely in birding, or in tours that place equal emphasis on such other disciplines as butterfly observation and botany, or whether you prefer a more intense pace or a relaxed pace when you travel, we are confident we have the right U.S. tour for you.

While the majority of our tours center on birds and birding, many of our tour leaders infuse their tours with knowledge of mammals, insects, botany, and geology. The newly emergent field of butterfly viewing is as addictive as birding, and we are now offering a short line-up of Birds and Butterflies tours to a select set of destinations. Our Relaxed and Easy tours are designed for travelers who prefer traveling at a more leisurely pace, with fewer accommodations changes and lighter physical demands. Our Introductory tours are an important set of tours that teach birding from the ground up.

Travel on a VENT tour is a demonstration of high quality service at every level. We choose excellent hotels, lodges, and restaurants wherever they are available, and all but one of our land-based tours never exceeds a participant to leader ratio of 7:1, assuring everybody has a window seat in our touring vans.

VENT pioneered some of the first birding tours to Alaska. Our itineraries are designed to bring you the very best of this incomparably rugged and wild state. Massive snow-capped mountains, Arctic tundra, breathtaking tidal glaciers, and abundant wildlife are key features of our Grand Alaska and Alaska Mainland tours. Our special Gambell/Nome tour focuses on range-restricted specialty birds and seabird colonies of the far north and is offered at the height of spring migration, when anything is possible!

Some of our longest running tours, Grand Arizona, Spring in South Texas, and South Florida are among the most exciting tours in our entire repertoire. Locating border specialty species is a recurrent theme on each of these trips, yet the variety of habitats and landscapes encountered along the way provides a distinctly tropical flavor to your birding. Simply, these trips are essential destinations for any North American birder.

We offer tours that capture the magic of bird migration. Tours to High Island, Texas, the Dry Tortugas, Florida, Point Pelee (Michigan and Ontario), and Cape May, New Jersey are organized around a single theme: observing the annual passage of birds back and forth across our great continent each spring and autumn. 

Other tours are designed to capture the essence of America’s greatest bird spectacles. Our Nebraska: Platte River tour is witness to the staging of half a million cranes along the Platte River while millions of waterfowl drape area lakes and ponds. Our Winter Washington & British Columbia and Winter New Mexico tours showcase wintertime gatherings of tens of thousands of waterfowl and hundreds of birds of prey.

With over 700 species of birds and innumerable other wildlife regularly found in the United States, you will never experience a shortage of places to visit. Other tours to California, Colorado, Montana, Missouri’s Ozarks, and Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains are testimony to this claim.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our tours in the United States soon!

Please continue searching our website or annual catalog of tours to find your next exciting VENT adventure.