Trip Insurance

VENT has partnered with Travel Insured International to provide our clients an opportunity to purchase insurance to protect against losses due to accidents or illness. We strongly recommend protecting your investment, as unforeseen circumstances can suddenly alter your travel plans. Please check with your insurance agent regarding coverage you may presently have and, if necessary, the purchase of trip cancellation insurance and/or travel insurance. Travel insurance may be purchased directly by clicking the Travel Insured International logo below.

Waiver for pre-existing conditions is available, as is other coverage such as terrorism protection; however, stipulations apply, usually requiring the purchase of the insurance soon after registering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read your itinerary carefully to see whether or not your tour or cruise requires MANDATORY medical insurance which covers you for emergency evacuation/repatriation during the trip. This coverage is included in the Worldwide Trip Protector plans offered by Travel Insured International. If you do not choose to purchase the insurance through Travel Insured International, you will need to do so through another insurance provider. A good web site for information and acquisition of emergency evacuation/repatriation insurance is