White-throated Robin, Social Flycatcher, and Golden-crowned Warbler spotted in Texas February 10, 2005

Every time I return from a trip I hear about another rare bird that has turned up in South Texas. This time it's the White-throated Robin, which has turned up at two locations, the Social Flycatcher, and the Golden-crowned Warbler. The Social Flycatcher, which has been photographed, represents a first documented U.S. record for this species. These rare species join a stellar lineup that includes the Green-breasted Mango (hummingbird), Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, Crimson-collared Grosbeaks, and other great birds, in addition to the regularly occurring Neotropical birds that make the Valley the place to be this winter. Hopefully many of these rare birds will be around for our Winter Rio Grande Valley tour in late February, and our Spring in South Texas tour in early April.