Harpy Eagle Chicks in Alta Floresta, Brazil! Jun 29—Jul 09, 2009

Posted by Andrew Whittaker


Andrew Whittaker

Andrew Whittaker, a senior member of the VENT staff, has led VENT tours since 1993 throughout Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Europe,...

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We have just received word from Andrew Whittaker that the Harpy Eagle nest in the forest fragment beside the Alta Floresta hotel in Brazil now contains two 1-month-old chicks! The same huge nest in this rich woodlot (with abundant primates) successfully reared young several years ago, which were seen by participants on our 2005 tour (see photo). With a 5 to 6-month fledging period, the chicks will certainly still be in the nest during our June 29-July 9, 2009 Alta Floresta's Cristalino Jungle Lodge tour.  High on the wanted list of many birders, the spectacular Harpy Eagle is the largest eagle in the Americas, and the most powerful bird of prey in the world. Join Andy in Brazil this June to see this magnificent raptor!