Honduras: The Lodge at Pico Bonito Mar 17—24, 2018

Posted by Erik Bruhnke


Erik Bruhnke

Erik Bruhnke has loved birds since he was a child looking at chickadees. In 2008 he graduated from Northland College in Wisconsin with a Natural Resources degree. Erik taug...

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Every day of our Honduras Pico Bonito tour was a unique birding adventure from the moment we arrived until the end of the last afternoon. The staff at Pico Bonito welcomed us with open arms and fruitful drinks. In addition to delectable dining experiences every day, our top-notch local guide, Olbin Benjarano, took extraordinarily good care of us. The entire visit to Honduras was above and beyond, and it all started with our first footsteps at the lodge entrance.

Our first day of birding was a local one. The Lodge at Pico Bonito offers truly outstanding birding opportunities right on site. After a deliciously hearty breakfast complemented by the ambience of chattery Social Flycatchers and many tropical hummingbirds feeding about, we headed to the vast wooded trails moments away.

Honduran Emerald

Honduran Emerald— Photo: Erik Bruhnke


A colorful whirlwind of butterflies were feeding throughout the flowers as birds vocalized high and low among the canopies. A pair of gorgeous Lesson’s Motmots barked nearby as Collared Araçaris flew high overhead in search of fruit.  The view from the nearby Toucan Tower left us in awe, and we had only been birding for half an hour. Standing atop the tower, dense trees surrounded us to the west; below us was the rushing Rio Coloradito; and to the east and south were the vast wooded mountains of Pico Bonito. A Keel-billed Toucan fed nearby as Spot-breasted Wrens sang cheerfully below us. A lone Brown-hooded Parrot flew by, showing off its cherry-red underwings. Before lunch we explored additional trails. Clay-colored Thrushes, the national bird of Costa Rica, fed on the forest floor. After lunch a raucous group of Brown Jays flew through the lower canopy, and with a little persistence we were treated to wonderful views of a male Lovely Cotinga, as well as a Great Potoo. A little siesta in the afternoon was followed by a hike through the woods, where we experienced the presence of two Vermiculated Screech-Owls. What a day, and what a start to this birding adventure!

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