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Harpy Eagle Chicks in Alta Floresta, Brazil!


Andrew Whittaker: March 16, 2009

We have just received word from Andrew Whittaker that the Harpy Eagle nest in the forest fragment beside the Alta Floresta hotel in Brazil now contains two 1-month-old chicks! The same huge nest in this rich woodlot (with abundant primates) successfully reared young several years ago, which were seen by participants on our 2005 tour (see photo). With a 5 to 6-month fledging period, the chicks will certainly still be in the nest during our June 29-July 9, 2009 Alta Floresta's Cristalino Ju...

White-throated Robin, Social Flycatcher, and Golden-crowned Warbler spotted in Texas

February 10, 2005

Every time I return from a trip I hear about another rare bird that has turned up in South Texas. This time it's the White-throated Robin, which has turned up at two locations, the Social Flycatcher, and the Golden-crowned Warbler. The Social Flycatcher, which has been photographed, represents a first documented U.S. record for this species. These rare species join a stellar lineup that includes the Green-breasted Mango (hummingbird), Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, Crimson-collared Grosbeaks,...

Bird Art Gallery opens in Galveston

January 05, 2005

An art gallery specializing in bird art has opened in Galveston, Texas. The Good Tern is located at 1513 Tremont (23rd Street). Their phone number is 409/765-8376 or 866/562-8376. The work of Margie Crisp will be exhibited Saturday, March 5, with a reception from 6-8 p.m. There is no admission fee. The artist will be in attendance and refreshments will be served.