Arne van Lamoen

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Arne van Lamoen was born in The Hague in the Netherlands in 1984, and although both his parents are Dutch, he would soon go on to see much of the world as the expat life took him from the Netherlands to Oman, Norway, Russia, the United States, and finally Japan, where he now resides with his (Japanese) wife. A keen naturalist and budding birder from a young age, Arne follows in his father’s footsteps, whose great passion for birds serves as an inspiration to seek the outdoors whenever possible. Arne has lived and worked in Japan for ten years and in that time has learned much to assist participants with questions, including local customs, etiquette, and all-important manners while in Japan. Moreover, effectively trilingual, and a language consultant by profession, Arne can aid with logistics and interpretation for those participants whose interests transcend the world of birds. An international upbringing and a keen love of nature and travel have taken Arne to over 30 countries across five continents, spotting birds all the while. Now, in Japan, he has focused his attention on the myriad birds of the land of the rising sun.