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Paul Greenfield

Paul Greenfield grew up near New York City and became interested in birds as a child. He received his B.F.A. from Temple University where he was an art major at the Tyler School of Art. Since 1972, he has lived in Ecuador where his fascination for birds and art has culminated with the completion of 20 years of work illustrating The Birds of Ecuador, which he co-authored with Robert Ridgely. He is also co-author of Birds of Western Ecuador, a Photographic Guide (Princeton University Press). Pa...


John Harrison

John Harrison is a travel writer and lecturer, and a native of Liverpool, England. He took First Class Honors in geography at Cambridge University and a Masters Degree in environmental planning at Liverpool University. For 20 years he worked for the UK government on planning and environment matters. John’s short stories have been broadcast on the BBC and collected in book form. His first travel book, Where the Earth Ends, about South America and Antarctica, was a Sunday Times Book of th...


Brandon Hay

D. Brandon Hay has served as research assistant to Ann Sutton since 1996. Together they are conducting research on migrant land birds in Jamaican mangrove forests. Brandon is also the Scientific Officer for the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection and sustainable development of Jamaican natural resources, particularly in the Portland Bight area of Jamaica's south coast. He also serves as manager for several fish sanctuaries in the ...


Ann Haynes-Sutton

Ann Haynes-Sutton is a conservation ecologist who has spent her working life in Jamaica. She is the senior author of A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Jamaica, published by Princeton University in 2009, and has been leading bird tours in Jamaica and other islands for many years.  Her private residence is Marshall’s Pen, near Mandeville, in the center of Jamaica—a 310-acre cattle property and private nature reserve that is one of Jamaica’s premier birding destinations...


Steve Hilty

Steve Hilty is the senior author of A Guide to the Birds of Colombia, and author of Birds of Venezuela, both by Princeton University Press, as well as the popular Birds of Tropical America, A watcher's introduction to behavior, breeding and diversity. He has also written a number of scientific papers on birds and plants, has described two species of birds new to science in Venezuela, and another, with a team of scientists, in Colombia. He also wrote the text and species accounts for...


Mike Hirschler

Mike Hirschler was born in Amsterdam and lives in picturesque Deventer, one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands. An excellent speaker of no less than 5 languages, he loves birds and has a broad interest in nature. Mike guides nature walks for several nature associations in The Netherlands and also trains new nature guides. He leads bird tours in Europe and is also interested in other parts of the world. Together with his wife, he has traveled to Madagascar, Australia, Namibia, and Argenti...


Dion Hobcroft

Dion Hobcroft has been working for VENT since 2001. He has led many tours (more than 160) to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Bhutan, Indonesia, India, China, Southwest Pacific, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, Russia, Alaska, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Antarctic. In 2007 and 2013-2016 alone, Dion showed more than 2,000 species of birds to VENT clients. His informative, relaxed, and educational nature, combined with sharp ey...


Denver Holt

Denver Holt is a wildlife researcher and graduate of the University of Montana. He is founder and president of the Owl Research Institute and the Ninepipes Wildlife Research Center, a nonprofit organization located in Charlo, Montana. A dedicated field researcher in North and Central America, Denver believes that long-term field studies are the primary means to understanding trends in natural history. Since 1978, Denver's focus has been researching owls and their ecology. He has published num...


David James

David James is an Australian birder and ecologist. In 1982, a teenaged David joined a pelagic trip off Sydney Australia, just for a lark. He was instantly hooked on seabirds and has been a birder ever since. David has birded widely in Australia (where he has seen over 750 species), North America (over 600 species) Southeast Asia (he’s lost count), Antarctica, and a few other countries. He has written several identification articles on gulls, honeyeaters, and frigatebirds, and is recogni...


João Jara

João Jara was born in Lisbon and studied biology at the Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa, where he developed his professional career in the pharmaceutical industry as senior manager and director of various multinational companies. With about 30 years of field experience, João has extensive knowledge about birding in Portugal. He was a member of the board of SPEA (Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves—Birdlife in Portugal), a voting member of the PRC (Portuguese ...


Phil Jones

Phil Jones grew up in Surrey and now lives in East Sussex, England. He began birding in the United Kingdom in 1968 while at school, where he earned a B.A. in geography. He has birded on all continents, and has taken part in banding training courses in Greece, Kuwait, Thailand, Kenya, and Colombia. Although originally a banker, Phil led bird tours for eight years before settling in Sussex and has birded in over 50 countries. He has written a number of papers for local bird societies and has al...


Kenn Kaufman

Kenn Kaufman is an author, artist, teacher, traveler, and naturalist who has focused on birds since the age of six—earning him the odd distinction of having received the American Birding Association's lifetime achievement award twice, in 1992 and again in 2008. Kenn is a field editor for Audubon magazine and a regular contributor to every major birding magazine. He is editor of the popular Kaufman Field Guides series, which includes volumes on North American birds (both English and ...


Kimberly Kaufman

Kimberly Kaufman is an Ohio native whose lifelong love of the outdoors grew into a passion for birds in the 1990s. She monitored nesting Bald Eagles for the Ohio Division of Wildlife and ran bluebird trails before she began banding migrant songbirds for the Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO). Kim's involvement with BSBO escalated as she became the observatory's education director in 2005 and then executive director in 2009, a position she still holds. Kim played a key role in startin...


Ansar Khan

Ansar Khan was born in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, one of the top birding sites in Asia. His father, Bholu Khan, has been the Chief Forest Ranger in that park for over twenty years. As a child, Ansar developed a passion for birds and wildlife. He started his career as a bird and nature tour leader in 2000 working for Exotic Journeys, one of the most highly respected travel companies in India. Ansar has a vast work experience in birding and wildlife viewing. He has led tours t...


Glenn Klingler

Glenn Klingler spent over 20 years as a wildlife biologist specializing in endangered birds. He has worked on projects studying Spotted Owls, Kirtland’s Warblers, Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, Peregrine Falcons, Marbled Murrelets, Elegant Trogons, Black-footed Ferrets, Chiricahua Leopard Frogs, and Karner Blue Butterflies. Glenn also conducted extensive work with the critically-endangered Hawaiian Crow in Hawaii, where he lived in a remote field camp for three years. He has birded on five c...


Bramble Klipple

Bramble Klipple is the Senior Director of Philanthropy at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Prior to joining the Lab, Bramble worked in development at The Nature Conservancy for eight years, serving most recently as Director of Foundation Relations–Global Strategies and sitting on TNC’s development leadership team. She also served as the director of TNC’s Campaign Resources and Information Team, and the director of the Proposal Development Team. Prior to her time at TNC, Bramb...


Jeri Langham

Jeri M. Langham has a Ph.D. in plant ecology from Washington State University, and after 38 years as a professor of biological sciences at California State University in Sacramento, retired in May 2008. He received the first Outstanding Teacher Award from the newly formed College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in 1997; the Outstanding Faculty Award from the Science Educational Equity and Minority Organization of Science Students organizations in 2005; and his University's third annu...


Dr. J. Drew Lanham

Dr. J. Drew Lanham, BirdNote Board Member at Large, is a Clemson University Master Teacher and Alumni Distinguished Professor in wildlife ecology, with research interests in songbird ecology and conservation; integration of game and nongame wildlife management; and the African American land ethic and its role in natural resources conservation.


Matt Larson

Matt Larson is a graduate of the University of Montana. He has worked as a research biologist with the Owl Research Institute since 2008. He is a lifelong naturalist and avid outdoorsman. His research, focused primarily on North American owls, has afforded him the opportunity to travel and work throughout western Montana and Alaska. Matt has published six professional papers. He also has four papers in review and will be a co-author for the Northern Pygmy Owl, Birds of North America (BNA) spe...


Geoff Lockwood

Geoff Lockwood's interest and involvement with birds dates back to his early years at school and forms part of a wider interest in the biodiversity of the Southern African sub-region. After leaving school, he began a career as a bird artist, illustrator, and author. In 1981, he published Garden Birds of Southern Africa and later also contributed half the illustrations to the 5th and 6th editions of Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa. Geoff is currently based at the Delta Environmental ...

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