Diana Balcázar

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Diana Balcázar has been interested in birds since she was a little girl. She began birding seriously in 1998, working with her neighbors in conservation efforts to protect the wetlands of her native city, Bogotá. At that time she joined the local ornithologist’s association and has since then conducted many environmental and birding workshops. Her knowledge of the English language and her great people skills led her to work (since 2009) as a birding guide. During her tours, Diana is characterized by her great passion and knowledge for birds and her willingness to share them, as well as historical, cultural, and geographical issues. Diana is a graduate in Social Communication and Journalism and has an MA in Visual Arts and Communication. She worked as an editor of books and magazines for several years, and has written one book, Los pájaros de mi ciudad (The Birds in My City), which recounts stories of her encounters with birds in her city. She also wrote several workbooks for children: Aves migratorias, viajeras extremas (Migratory Birds, Extreme Travellers), Loros, siempre libres (Parrots, Always Free), and Las aves, maravillas para ver y disfrutar (Birds, Wonders to See and Enjoy), an illustrated birding manual.