Kitty Coley

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Kitty Coley is a geologist, naturalist, and avid birder who has led natural history tours for the National Geographic Society and Smithsonian Institute for over 20 years. Tour destinations have included Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, the Galapagos, Ecuador, the Peruvian Amazon and Andes, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Antarctica, Alaska, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Iceland, as well as the western United States and Canada. Other nature travels have taken her to East Africa, Australia, Belize, Honduras, and Bolivia. Her love of nature has led to exploration through scuba diving, backpacking, white-water and sea kayaking, and biking. She serves as a consultant to National Geographic magazine for articles related to her expertise. Trained as a geologist, Kitty’s knowledge of the earth and her love of nature and ornithology, combined with her interactive and enthusiastic teaching style, make her a highly effective and popular leader. Kitty received her MS in geology from the University of Texas at Austin in addition to a BA in geology with a minor in biology from UT. She worked as a geologist for 15 years before becoming involved full-time in nature tourism. Kitty lives in Austin.