Our video gallery presents an eclectic mix of subject matter, from remarkable wildlife encounters to keynote presentations, webinars, and more.

Victor Emanuel shares his favorite bird and experience, BookPeople, July 15, 2017
VENT & Zegrahm Expeditions Present: The Untamed North: Greenland to Iceland 2018
Victor Emanuel speaks about VENT’s Amazon River Cruise
Jaguars of the Pantanal, 2014, by Andrew Whittaker
Panama’s Canopy Tower & Canopy Lodge by Dick Walton
40th Anniversay Day 5 Keynote by Victor Emanuel. VENT's First 40 years and the growth of birding
Hyacinth Macaws nesting, Pantanal, Brazil, by David Ascanio
Fin Whales, Grand Manan, 2014, by Barry Zimmer
Greater Sage-Grouse, 2014, by Brian Gibbons

Painted Bunting - Photo: Kevin Zimmer