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Colombia boasts the world’s longest list of birds, now near 1,900 species. Our Colombia: The Central & Western Andes tour, June 5-21, 2016, concentrates on endemics, as well as hummingbirds, antpittas, and tanagers, which are a hallmark of mid-elevations in the Andes. As an added bonus, one site now has three antpitta “feeding stations” where up to four species of antpittas come regularly and others occasionally. Another site offers an excellent possibility of seeing the rare Cauca Guan, a species once feared extinct. This area also boasts one of the highest known concentrations of Red-ruffed Fruitcrows, a species that is typically scarce and hard to find elsewhere.

Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer, a rare west Andean endemic.

Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer, a rare west Andean endemic.— Photo: Steve Hilty


At another site, which has some of the most beautiful cloud forest in Colombia, our focus will be on rare Bangsia tanagers (Gold-ringed and Black-and-gold) and other endemics. At three sites we will be searching for rare parrots and parakeets including the endemic Rufous-fronted Parakeet, the near-endemic Yellow-eared Parrot, and the locally distributed Rusty-faced Parrot.

The Western Andes near Jardín, Colombia.

The Western Andes near Jardín, Colombia.— Photo: Steve Hilty


There will be hummingbird feeders at five or more of the ten major areas we visit, which is sure to produce a remarkable list of hummingbirds. At all sites we should have the opportunity to see plenty of other exciting highland birds.

This trip also presents an opportunity to travel with Steve Hilty, author of the landmark field guide, Birds of Colombia.


Colombia: The Central & Western Andes, June 5-21, 2016 with Steve Hilty and a local leader; $6,895 in double occupancy from Cali (ends in Medellin). Limit: 8.


PHOTO GALLERY: Colombia: The Central & Western Andes, 2014

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