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VENT - Preparation & Insurance

Although VENT’s detailed tour itineraries include all of the information needed to prepare for your tour, here we bring your attention to some essential information.

If you will be traveling outside the U.S.A., please make sure your documentation is in order. Passport validity requirements vary by country, ranging from validity only through your length of stay to up to six months after your planned departure date. Similarly, tourist visas are required of American citizens in some countries but not others. Information about country specific travel documents can be found under the Documents section of our tour itineraries or by checking the website of the U.S. Department of State ( If you are a citizen of any country other than the U.S., be sure to check your government website or embassy regarding passport and visa requirements for traveling abroad.
Consult your doctor or the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta (800.232.4636) concerning health precautions and any inoculations or shots that may be necessary to enter the country you will be visiting. Country specific health information can also be found in the Health section of our tour itineraries.
VENT tours depart from the departure city or location listed in the tour itinerary, but we can also book your travel to the departure location. VENT’s in-house, full-service travel agency was established in 1990 to offer VENT customers a complete range of travel-related services. For airline reservations and ticketing, we charge a service fee of $35 for domestic and $55 for international itineraries. This fee is assessed per-person so that if multiple tickets are required, as is sometimes the case, you will be charged this transaction fee only once. All your travel arrangements can be made with one easy call to 800.328.VENT (8368) or 512.328.5221. Just tell us which tour you wish to take and we’ll do the rest!
Check to see that all of your air arrangements are in order. Check your tickets, and be sure to reconfirm the night before to make certain your departure time hasn’t changed. After boarding the aircraft, be sure to drink plenty of liquids and move around frequently to aid circulation while in flight.
Your tour itinerary will have specific suggestions about what to bring. In general, bring the things you will need and leave unnecessary items at home. Casual attire is appropriate at all times on VENT tours. Wearing bright or light-colored clothing in the field is strongly discouraged. Waterproof or rubber boots that reach at least halfway to the knee are useful on many VENT tours (check specific itineraries). All VENT leaders carry a scope. Bringing one of your own is optional. A water bottle, insect repellent, a hat, alarm clock, and snacks may also be useful.
When you register for a tour with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, you invest in a travel experience of the highest quality. It is an investment you will want to protect. To safeguard against losses due to illness, accident, or other unforeseen circumstances, we strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance as soon as possible after making a deposit.

VENT has partnered with Redpoint Travel Protection as our preferred travel insurance provider, a company with a reputation for quality to match our own. Through Redpoint, we recommend their Ripcord plan. Designed for all types of travelers, Ripcord is among the most highly regarded travel insurance programs available.
Critical benefits of Ripcord include:
  • A completely integrated program with a single contact for emergency services, travel assistance, and insurance claims
  • Medical evacuation and rescue services from your point of injury or illness to your hospital of choice with a limit of $1,000,000.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance for trip cancellation/interruption, primary medical expense coverage up to $100,000, baggage loss or delay, emergency accident and emergency sickness medical expense, emergency dental, accidental death and dismemberment, and more
  • 24/7 access to paramedics, nurses, and military veterans
  • Optional expanded insurance coverage is available and includes items such as security evacuation coverage in case of a natural disaster or other security events, waiver for pre-existing medical conditions exclusion, and a “Cancel for Any Reason” benefit*
  • Ripcord is available to U.S. and non-U.S. residents*
For a price quote, or to purchase travel insurance, please click the Ripcord™ logo or call +1-415-481-0600. Pricing varies based on age, trip cost, trip length, and level of coverage.

*To be eligible for the pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver and the optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) upgrade, you must purchase your policy within 14 days of making your tour deposit. The CFAR benefit provides reimbursement for 75% of covered costs, and increases the policy premium by approximately 50%. Policies may be purchased either for the full value of the tour fee at the time of deposit or in segments as individual tour payments are made (deposit, mid-payment, final balance, additional arrangements, etc.). The “pay as you go” approach reduces up-front expense and ensures that the amount paid toward your full policy premium is in proportion to the amount paid toward the full tour fee. If you choose to “pay as you go,” you must cover each deposit or payment within 14 days in order to maintain the CFAR benefit. The primary medical expense benefit is available to U.S. residents only. For this reason, non-U.S. residents will pay an adjusted premium when purchasing a comprehensive policy, which includes all of the other benefits available to U.S. residents. Please refer to the policy for a full description of coverage.

Coronavirus (COVID-19):

The coronavirus pandemic has brought uncertainty for many people currently holding travel insurance policies or who are considering future travel and purchasing such insurance. Redpoint has added a Coronavirus FAQ page to its website that addresses questions and concerns regarding its travel insurance and the impact of COVID-19. We strongly recommend that you visit the page for an overview of topics such as policy coverage and limitations, policy modifications, cancellation, refunds, and more. Among the most important points: 1) Trip cancellation solely for concern or fear of travel associated with COVID-19 is not covered; 2) Should you request cancellation of your policy, a full refund of your premium is available only under a limited set of conditions; and 3) Should you request cancellation, you may be eligible to receive a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your premium or a travel insurance credit. Travel insurance credit (“Premium Credit”) is for the value of the policy purchased and may be applied to future policies. Premium Credits have no expiration dates. Rules and regulations apply.

Please visit the Coronavirus FAQ page here.

Additionally, as countries begin opening up for travel, many are instituting an array of COVID-19 entry requirements, including mandates to purchase travel insurance covering medical expenses due to COVID-19 Illness and accommodation in case of quarantine. Ripcord’s comprehensive travel insurance plans are designed to satisfy the various country-specific travel insurance entry requirements. Those who purchase a Ripcord policy will receive a “letter of confirmation” that affirms that the policy satisfies such requirements.

About Ripcord™
Ripcord provides round-the-clock access to medical and security professionals combined with the best evacuation, rescue, and optional travel insurance coverages designed for all types of travelers. Redpoint is owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.
  1. Itinerary check: Review the detailed itinerary one last time to make sure you are well-prepared for your trip.
  2. Trip Cancellation Insurance: We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance–details in your itinerary.
  3. Passport and Visa (if applicable): Your passport must be valid for at least six months after you return from your trip.
  4. Immunizations/Vaccinations (if applicable): Check your itinerary and/or the Centers for Disease Control.
  5. Baggage Weight Limits: Check your itinerary to see if baggage weight limits apply for any internal flights.
  6. Medical Evacuation Insurance: Check your itinerary to see if medical evacuation insurance is required for your tour.
  7. Destination Information: Give a copy of the Accommodations List to a spouse, family member, or friend.
  8. Packing: Pack all medications, travel documents, binoculars, a change of clothing, toiletries, and walking shoes in your carry-on bag.
  9. Flight Check: Reconfirm your flight times the night before you leave.