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August 10, 2023 ---

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Birds of the World is an online resource that profiles each of the world’s nearly 11,000 species of birds. Birds of the World offers far more information about a given species than is available in traditional field guides.

Birds of the World is a subscription service with an annual fee of $49. Thanks to the special relationship VENT enjoys with the Lab of Ornithology, we are able to offer a 30% discount off the first-year subscription for first-time subscribers. This offer is exclusive to VENT travelers! To secure the discount, enter the promotional code “VENT” when completing your purchase.

April 22, 2023 ---
Scouting Notes from Rick Wright for new Alabama tour in 2024

Rick was recently in Alabama, scouting for the "new" VENT tour he will lead there in 2024. To see Rick's notes about his daily sightings, check out his personal blog:

Read the description for Alabama: Migration on the Gulf Coast, April 15-20, 2024.

Announcing VENT's 2023-2024 Catalog! ---

VENT's 2023-2024 Catalog is now available! This free catalog, featuring cover art by renowned artist Robert Bateman, includes our 2023 and 2024 Tour Schedules. If you have previously traveled with VENT, you should receive a copy in the mail soon, or you may contact our office to request a copy!

November 11, 2021 ---

Announcing VENT's special partnership with Swarovski Optik and Land Sea & Sky

VENT’s 45th Anniversary Celebration is a historic occasion to commemorate the founding of Victor Emanuel Nature Tours four and a half decades ago. The event will be held in McAllen, Texas, November 14–19, 2021. Among the featured activities and attractions during our time together is the opportunity to spend time in the field with top representatives of Swarovski Optik, who will have with them binoculars and spotting scopes for event participants to sample.

While Swarovski optics will not be for sale during the event, we are pleased to announce that for this special occasion, VENT has partnered with Land Sea & Sky, a standout dealer of Swarovski optical equipment here in Texas, as the recommended purveyor of Swarovski optics. We are pleased to announce that each item sold will result in a 5% commission for VENT, which we will use toward the funding of our summer youth camp program. By treating yourself to a new Swarovski binocular or spotting scope, you will help young birders pursue their passions for nature and the outdoors—truly a win-win for all!

To purchase your Swarovski optics, please visit the website of Land Sea & Sky via this link. You must use this link for tracking purposes in order for VENT to realize the commission and to fund our summer youth camp program.

June 9, 2020 ---

INTRODUCING: "TRAVELER EXPERIENCES" - your tour experiences posted on VENT'S website

Many of you have let us know how much you are enjoying the “Messages & Memories” email messages from VENT tour leaders. We would also like to hear from you, our VENT travelers, about your experiences. We are creating a new page on our website called “Traveler Experiences.” If you would like to share your most memorable, remarkable, or just plain fun experiences while on a VENT tour:

  • Write about your experience in 50 to 500 words.

  • Attach one photo, either related to the experience or a photo of yourself. We can accept jpgs only. If you have other photos related to your experience that you’d like share, please upload them to a photo sharing site, such as Flickr and SmugMug, and we will link your story to that site.

  • Send your text and photo to TäV Garvin ( She will let you know when your experience has been posted to our website. If you’d like, rather than sharing a particular experience, you can tell us about one of your favorite trips!

Please send any questions you may have to TäV ( We look forward to hearing from you!