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Introduce a friend to VENT and receive a $500 voucher!


If you have previously taken a VENT tour, and based upon your referral someone who has never traveled with VENT before takes their first VENT tour, you will receive a voucher for $500 which may be applied to any future VENT tour, cruise, or special departure that departs within 12 months after the issue date (the tour start date of the referred person’s tour). *

In order to receive your voucher, you must contact our office within two weeks after the person you referred registers for his/her first tour. If the person you referred cancels from the tour, a voucher will not be issued.

If you continue to refer new customers to VENT and earn more than one voucher within a 6-month period, your additional vouchers may be used within 24 months following the issue date.

No more than one voucher of any kind, per person, may be applied to any one tour. Vouchers are non-transferable and non-refundable, and may not be used as part of the tour deposit or interim payments, but only on the final balance.

*  VENT Youth Camps are excluded from this program.