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May 2, 2023

Dear friends:

With the expiration of the federal government’s Public Health Emergency declaration, we inform our travelers that, as of May 2, VENT no longer maintains COVID-19 prevention protocols in the operation of its tours. This means mask-wearing is no longer required in any situation, including when in vehicles or other enclosed space environments, and we no longer maintain our two-tier testing protocol. Essentially, the pandemic has been deemed over, and VENT is responding accordingly. The one general protocol still in place is the requirement that anyone participating on a VENT tour receive his or her primary series of COVID vaccinations. This requirement remains in effect through December 18, 2023.

We emphasize the actions of the government and VENT should not be interpreted to mean COVID ceases to exist. COVID is still out there, people are still getting ill, and travel plans are still being disrupted.

As always, we emphasize that our number one priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees. Even without our protocols in place, we strongly recommend following best practices for protecting yourself and your fellow travelers against COVID-19 illness. These measures include staying “Up to Date” with COVID-19 booster shots, wearing high filtration N-95 or KN-95 masks when in airports and on airplanes, and avoiding risky social settings in the lead-up to your tour. These recommendations are firmly rooted in CDC guidance regarding recommendations for avoiding COVID-19. Please visit the CDC website for the most up to date information about COVID-19 and associated guidance for proper health and hygiene:

With the expiration of our protocols, we understand some travelers may not feel as comfortable being in enclosed space environments, unmasked, with others. We use this opportunity to remind our travelers that mask wearing remains optional on our tours, and that anyone who feels uncomfortable in certain situations should continue to don a mask. The science has consistently shown that outside of vaccination, wearing a mask provides the best protection against this highly contagious virus. We especially feel it is a mistake to go unmasked in travel environment settings such as airports and airplanes where the risk of exposure is greater. High filtration N-95 or KN-95 masks provide the best protection. Your tour leaders will have a supply with them, but we ask that you bring your own.

We trust the efficacy of these preventative measures, and firmly believe they made a difference in keeping our tour participants and tour leaders safe during the pandemic era.

In supplement to this statement, our COVID-19 Protocols for VENT Tours document provides guidance for the operation of our tours in the aftermath of the pandemic. Items we address in the document include, but are not limited to, guidance for avoiding COVID in the lead-up to your tour, mask-wearing (optional), and assistance in the case of acute COVID illness.

As always, you can reach us by email (, or, for a specific employee, employee first You can also reach us by phone (512.328.5221 or 800.328.8368). When making a call, you will be connected to an appropriate staff member or respective voice mailbox. If calling after hours, or when we are away from the phone, you will hear a general greeting, at which time you can reach the voice mailbox of any of our staff members.

This page will be maintained through the end of the year at least. Please check back for occasional updates.

Your cooperation and patience were critical in the successful implementation of our prevention protocols during the pandemic era. We thank you immensely for your understanding and support. We look forward to seeing you on another great trip.

Best wishes,

Victor Emanuel

President and CEO

Victor Emanuel Nature Tours